“Airway Management of the Suspected COVID19 Patient: Unlearning Past Practices to Help Our Patients and Protect Ourselves”

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Executive Summary
Airway management for patients needing emergency intubation is an evidence-based approach to positioning and preoxygenating patients, the optimal use of induction agents and paralytics, and post-intubation practices that maximize patient outcomes. Since the SARS-coronavirus-2 pandemic, however, these practices require changes to optimize not only patient outcomes but also minimize possible aerosolization of the virus to protect healthcare workers involved in patient care. This lecture will discuss these critical changes from usual practice, including ways to oxygenate, the steps involved in advanced airway management, and post-intubation management to optimize care for these patients and minimize risk to healthcare workers.Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of this activity, the learners will be able to:

  • List procedures that may cause aerosolization.
  • Discuss the appropriate personal protective equipment to be used when caring for patients with suspected SARS-coronavirus-2 infection.
  • List the differences between typical airway management and that of suspected COVID19 patients and explain the rationale for these differences.