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Diana Jordan

Name: Diana Jordan

President, Agape
Comedy Health and Wellness for Women


Making Cancer Funny
Just for Women
Women and Wellness
Visits to the OB GYN: Sounds Like a Character from Star Wars!
How to Talk to Your Doctor
Early Detection: “One Lump or Two is Not Just about SugarÓ
Menopausal Women Gone Wild
Smoking: A Way to Stop- What Can Work for You?
Prescription Drug Costs
Pain Management
Money and Stress: “Goodness, Gracious, Im Overdrawn!”
The Power of a Happy Heart!
Cancer Survivor, The Healing Power of Laughter
Bedside Manor- Check-In for a Spa-Hour of Inspirational Comedy for Nursing Professionals
How to Use Your Common Comedy Sense of Humor in the Workplace
Female and Fabulous!

State: CA