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Beth Boynton, R.N., MS

Name: Beth Boynton, R.N., MS

Nurse Consultant, Author & Speaker
Beth Boynton, RN, MS Consulting Services


Professional Communication for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals
Using Improv to Develop Communication and Collaboration in Healthcare Professionals
Improving Safety, Quality, Customer and Staff Satisfaction with Communication and Collaboration
Dealing with Bullying in the Workplace
Why Hospitals Should Adopt a “No Innocent Bystander” Rule for Zero Tolerance
Develop Your Listening Skills as a Healthcare Leader
Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety
Nurse Leaders as Champions for Change
Inspiring the Healthcare Professional Within You
Giving Constructive Feedback
Receiving Constructive Feedback
Preparing for Change: Getting Ready for NEW Organizational Culture
Complexity of Assertiveness: More to Speaking Up than Lip Service
Improving Physician Handoffs

Biography: Beth Boynton, RN, MS is national speaker, trainer, executive coach, and author of Confident Voices: The Nurses Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces. She offers interactive workshops involving professionalism, bullying, communication and collaboration and has held Adjunct Faculty positions at New England College and Antioch University. She has been a regular columnist for the ANA-Maine Journal, and publishes the ÒConfident Voices in HealthcareÓ Blog. Her YouTube, ÒInterruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient SafetyÓ has drawn viewers from over 500 countries, and she continues to practice as a Per Diem Registered Nurse with Alzheimers patients. You can learn more about her work www.confidentvoices.com.
Testimonials: Beth Boynton spoke at three of the National Nurses in Business Associations annual conferences. The audience was nurses at various stages of entrepreneurship. Boynton engaged this audience with skillfully designed presentations and provided meaningful solutions to the communication problems encountered by nurses in business. On a personal note, I used to believe that bullying was an acceptable part of nursing, but since listening to her, I am constantly aware of my attitude toward other nurses and am not part of the horizontal violence!We look forward to having her present at our next conference. – President National Nurses in Business Association, Inc.I have had the distinct pleasure and honor to collaborate with Beth Boynton on a patient safety video project. Her subject matter expertise in nursing and nursing advocacy and mine in root cause analysis, produced naturally synergistic results. Beth understands the bigger picture of nursing and the need to be more proactive than reactive to ensure patient safety. She realizes that the organizational systems that nurses work within are the key to this migration to proaction. Beth is definitely a capable change agent to turn this vision into a reality. – Reliability Center, Inc.An exceptional keynote presentation! Our Leadership conference was a successful event and much of that success was due to the quality of Beth Boyntons work and the passion she exhibited in sharing with our participants. Her presentation left a lasting impression with our members and many of them expressed their appreciation in positive comments on the conference evaluation forms. – Washington State Nurses Association
State: NH