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Gerald Casenave, Ph.D.

Name: Gerald Casenave, Ph.D.

Acting Chair, Rehabilitation Counseling
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School


Ethics for Health Care Providers
Ethical Decision Making for Care Providers
Ethical Dilemmas in Health Care
Depression and Emotional Lability after CVA
Working with Difficult Patients
Ethical and Psychological Issues of Living Kidney Donation
Ethical Concerns Regarding Remediating of Disabling Conditions
Learning Disorders: Current Criteria and Coming Changes in DSM-V
Major Depressive Disorders and the Biopsychological Model: New Medications, New Therapy
Psychosocial Aspects of Cancer: Disease and Treatment
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Greater Understanding through Physiology
The Recovery Model as a Paradigm in Rehabilitation
Spirituality and Rehabilitation Counseling
Surgeon Ethics: The Careful Practice of Surgery

Biography: Born and raised in Southern California. Youngest of three children, two older sisters. Parents and sisters live in Southern California, Father 98, Mother 96. Football and Basketball in high school. Worked about 3 years as a cabinet makers apprentice. B.A. Pomona College, majored in philosophy, 4 years football. M.A., PhD in philosophy at Vanderbilt University. 2 years teaching at Furman University. One year as a Luce Fellow, teaching in Taiwan. MS in Rehabilitation Counseling, SIU-Carbondale. PhD in Clinical Psychology at UTSouthwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Counselor at St. Josephs Youth Center 1988-1990. Psychologist at DRI 1990-1994; at HealthSouth 1994-1998. Allied Health Staff at HealthSouth 1999-2008. On Allied Health Staff at University Hospitals Zale-Lipshey and St. Paul, Texas Specialty Hospital. Associate Professor, UT Southwestern; Acting Chair of Rehabilitation Counseling Program, UT Southwestern; Assistant Director Clinical Ethics in Medicine Course, UT Southwestern Medical School; Forensic Consultant regarding loss of earning capacity; Regional Psychological Consultant for DARS, Division of Rehabilitative Services, formerly TRC. Main research interest: the nature of the psyche- spirit, soul, mind. Two children: Michael, age 29, Texas A&M, undergrad and masters in real estate finance, works for Chase; Jessica, age 27, lawyer (Baylor), granddaughter Estelle, born 10/11/12 Completed Marine Corps Marathon, October 2004; White Rock Marathon, December 2004. Completed 2 year Certificate in Psychopharmacology through Texas A & M.
State: TX