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Assorted Topics & Speakers

Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Keck School of Medicine of USC School of Pharmacy

Green Tea Blocks Benefits of Cancer Drugs
Toxicity and Herbal Medicine
Dietary Supplements and Liver Damage

Transgender Clinic

Update on Healthcare for the Transgender Patient
Sensitivity in Transgender Medicine
You Dont Have to Feel That Way- How Hormone Replacement Can Help You Feel Great
Medical Care of Transgendered Persons
Transgender Identity
Hormone Balance and Health Wellness

Well received, very good speaker! – Orange County Global Medical Center

Associate Dean, Academic AffairsEndowed Professor of PharmacyChief Medical Officer

Hypertension:  Very Elevated Blood Pressure in Asymptomatic Patient…Now What?America’s Addiction to Opioids: What Health Professionals Need to KnowHomeless & the Hospital Emergency DepartmentCreepy Crawlies- Insects, Infestation, Marine EnvenomationTobacco Use Performance Measures and Nicotine DependenceElder AbuseControlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation (CURS2)Prescription Drug AbuseStrategies for CessationGeriatric Polypharmacy and Adverse Drug ReactionsElectronic CigarettesCore Measures for Tobacco Use TreatmentER/LA Opioid REMS: Achieving Safe Use While Improving Patient CareApproach to the Poisoned PatientNorth American Snake EnvenomationSpiders and Scorpion and Insect EnvenomationNewer Drugs of Abuse (Spice, Bath Salts, Wax and more)The Overlooked Addict: Patients, Providers, and Prescription Drug AbuseNewer Antidotes and Gastrointestinal DecontaminationIs it Hot in Here? Heat-related IllnessAdverse Drug Reaction and Post Marketing Surveillance and Adverse Drug ReactionBotox and Other Cosmetic Procedure PoisoningCold and Hot Environmental EmergenciesAthletic Performance Enhancers and Dieting AgentsNicotine and E-CigarettesCaffeine and Energy DrinksMeet Me at the Rave- Club Drugs of AbuseRapid Sequence Intubation and Procedural Sedation Medication and ToxicityAcetaminophen PoisoningSalicylate PoisoningOpioid PoisoningIron PoisoningSeafood PoisoningHerbal MedicationsBotulism, Tetanus, and StrychninePharmaceutical Additives and ToxicityAnticoagulant Toxicity and ReversalThe Brady Bunch- Beta Blocker, Calcium Channel Blocker, Digoxin, Clonidine PoisoningCocaine, Methamphetamine, and Other SympathomimeticsAntidiabetic Agents and ToxicityAnticonvulsant ToxicityAntidepressants and Lithium PoisoningAntipsychotic PoisoningEthanol and Ethanol WithdrawalEthanol, Benzodiazepines and Other Sedative-HypnoticsLSD, Hallucinogenic Amphetamines and Herbal Drugs of AbuseInhalant Abuse and Caustic PoisoningLead and Other Heavy Metal PoisoningInsecticide, Pesticide and Herbicide PoisoningRodenticide PoisoningMethanol, Ethylene Glycol, and Other Toxic Alcohol PoisoningPlant PoisoningCarbon Monoxide and Smoke InhalationCyanide, Toxic Gases, and MethemoglobinemiaChemical, Biological and Radiation Weapons


President, Agape
Comedy Health and Wellness for Women

Making Cancer Funny
Just for Women
Women and Wellness
Visits to the OB GYN: Sounds Like a Character from Star Wars!
How to Talk to Your Doctor
Early Detection: “One Lump or Two is Not Just about SugarÓ
Menopausal Women Gone Wild
Smoking: A Way to Stop- What Can Work for You?
Prescription Drug Costs
Pain Management
Money and Stress: “Goodness, Gracious, Im Overdrawn!”
The Power of a Happy Heart!
Cancer Survivor, The Healing Power of Laughter
Bedside Manor- Check-In for a Spa-Hour of Inspirational Comedy for Nursing Professionals
How to Use Your Common Comedy Sense of Humor in the Workplace
Female and Fabulous!


Chairman and Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Albany Medical College

Falls in the Elderly
Spinal Injury
Pain Management


Instructor, Scholar WHO Collaborating Center on International Nursing
Family, Community & Health Systems
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Domestic Violence


Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health
UCSD School of Medicine

Screening and Management of Age-Related Driving Impairments
Medical Conditions and Reporting Requirements for Driving Safety
Talking to Teens and Their Parents on How to Be Safe Behind the Wheel
Distracted Driving

Linda Hill, MD, MPH, currently holds the position of Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at the UCSD School of Medicine and directs Training, Research and Education for Driving Safety (TREDS). Her leadership provides direction for the program’s research, training, and services projects that aim to reduce injuries and deaths resulting from collisions. Her areas of interest include older drivers, fall prevention, teen drivers and distracted driving. With over 30 years as a practicing physician, she brings lessons from the community to her injury prevention activities. Dr. Hill imparts her expertise through public speaking engagements, publications and teaching. She is recognized nationally as a contributor to prevention research.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Molecular Biology of Personalized Medicine
Communicating with Patients: Breaking Bad News and Managing End of Life Discussion
Personalized Therapy in Cancer
Immunotherapy Interferons, Interleukin-2 and Cytokines, Anti-CTLA4 Therapy
Kinase Inhibitors in Cancer: TKIs and B-Raf Inhibition
Drug Development in Cancer
Angiogenesis: Molecular Biology to Drug Therapy
Melanoma and Skin Cancer: Presentation, Diagnosis and Therapy

Excellent lecture and very informative – Providence Holy Cross Medical CenterAnother outstanding speaker yesterday and a great guy- Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center

Interactive Speaker

I Got Lucky
Triumph Over Tragedy
Choices, Chances and Changes
People Take You at Your Own Self Worth, Whats Yours?