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Assorted Topics & Speakers

Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Keck School of Medicine of USC School of Pharmacy

Green Tea Blocks Benefits of Cancer Drugs
Toxicity and Herbal Medicine
Dietary Supplements and Liver Damage

Professor of Clinical Medicine,
Keck School of Medicine of USC
Chief Medical Officer, DiaTech Oncology
Author, ÒSurviving American MedicineÓ
City of Hope National Medical Center

Patient Portals
Medical Oncology Homes
Patient Resilience: How Patients Adjust to Cancer
Disaster Planning: How to Protect Oncology Patient Care
The Role of Predictive Assays in Improving Oncology Patient Care
A Navigational Guide for Patients

Dr. Presant has been a practicing hematologist and medical oncologist in Southern California since 1979. He has always been involved in laboratory and clinical investigations, and was the director of cancer programs at Washington University School of Medicine, the Jewish Hospital of St. Louis, Citrus Valley Health Partners and St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles. Follwing a post as Director of Medical Oncology at City of Hope, he started a private practice in West Covina in 1982 and later became president of California Cancer Medical Center, a freestanding comprehensive cancer center. In 2004, he merged his Center with Wilshire Oncology Medical Group, Inc. Currently he is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine. Dr. Presant has authored over 400 scientific articles. His writing has included book chapters and individual articles on cancer treatment, chemotherapy sensitivity testing to predict best therapy for patients, cancer detection, chemotherapy, experimental tumor biology, pharmacology, liposomes for cancer diagnosis and therapy, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and measurement of quality of life in cancer patients. His leadership has extended to other cancer physicians and organizations throughout the country. Dr. Presant is the Past President of the California Division of the American Cancer Society, and Past President and current Chairman of the Board of the Medical Oncology Association of Southern California. On a national level, Dr. Presant was a past Director of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the worlds largest association of cancer physicians. He served for five years as ASCOs representative to the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association, where he was also secretary of the Cancer Caucus and an expert advisor to the Diagnosis and Therapy Technology Assessment Program. The American Medical Association named Dr. Presant to represent them to the United States Commission on Cancer. Dr. Presant is also the Past President of the Association of Community Cancer Centers. Dr. Presants current research is focused on developing a new laboratory test for chemotherapy sensitivity to determine the best chemotherapy for individual patients (ÒpersonalizedÓ treatnments), antiangiogenesis therapy of cancer, improvement of chemotherapy effectiveness by magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and the development of new therapeutic programs for cancer. He has received many grants for his research from the National Cancer Institute, and pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Presant also lectures on improving cancer care and new research advances throughout the country. As an oncologist, Dr. Presant is especially interested in giving his patients the best personalized therapy and the most satisfying quality of life. His personal hobbies and interests include being physically active, snow skiing, playing tennis and golfing. Photography and performing magic are his special interests. He love spending time and traveling with his wife and family. He states, “I believe in finding out whats most important to my patients, then tailoring treatments to help them control their disease and enjoy their lives. My patients are like family, so I use the latest advances to cure their illnesses and improve their quality of life in our warm and caring centers.
Very good speaker – Citrus Valley Medical Center

Emergency Physician
Medical Director, EHR Expert
Division Chief
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Prescribing of Unnecessary Tests & Treatments: The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation’s Choosing Wisely Campaign
Clinical Documentation Improvement
Dealing with “Frequent Flyer” Patients
Two-Midnight Rule – Observation versus Admission
Psychiatry and ICD-10 Documentation
Miscommunication between Patients and Doctors Due to Electronic Medical Records
The Future of Healthcare
History of Healthcare
Medical-Legal Cases that Went South Due to EMR
Lean Processes in Healthcare
Electronic Health Record (ICD-10, Health Information Exchange, Center)
Work-life Balance and Finding Your Personal Mission in the Healthcare Setting
Trends in Emergency Medicine


Motivational Speaker to Healthcare Professionals
Assistant Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine

Kiss Your Hemorrhoids Goodbye: Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatment
Gastroenterology for Your Boards: What You Need to Know
RX for Sanity: Triage, Love & Laughter! aka Caregiving for the Caregiver
Bedside Manners: Heal Your Relationships in Healthcare
Create a Spa-Hospital: Enhance Patient Satisfaction and Keep Them Coming Back!
The Rude Get Sued
Medicine: A Fantastic Journey
Cultivating a Culture of Excellence
Happy People Don’t Get Sick: The Link Between Joy and Health
Ass-pects of Colorectal Cancer Screening
Bowels Gone Wild: Diarrhea Dilemmas
Celiac Disease: Beyond Bowels, Bones, and Blood
Diagnosing & Managing Diabetic Gastroparesis
Intestinal Gas: Nothing to Sniff At
Smart Diagnosis and Smart Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Fat Rats: The Physiology of Obesity
The GERD, The Bad, and The Ugly
The Skinny on the Role of Endoscopy in Bariatric Surgery
Give Nausea the Heave: Pathophysiology and Management Options
Choose Bugs Not Drugs: On Choosing and Using the Proper Probiotic
Belly Buttons: Not Just Innies, Outies or Piercings

“She was AWESOME!! Best speaker of our entire academic year.. “Guthrie Health – Robert Packer HospitalÒGives practical, unique techniques to use in the workplace to encourage positive changes and morale.Ó ND, RN CGRNÒThis issue is on everyones mind but seems to be Òthe elephant in the room that no one talks aboutÓ. Thanks for your suggestions and good humor. I have vowed to address aggressive behavior on the spot and not stew about it.Ó LSÒDr. Raymond is a dynamite, thought-provoking and informative speaker. She delivers serious content in a humorous, non threatening manner.Ó CS, RN CGRNThis is the energy and enthusiasm that may be needed by the harried or negative physician today! Whats good for the doctor is good for the patient. ~SV, ChiropractorInvigorating and Re-invigorating. ~JM, General SurgeonEntertaining, practical presentation on an area physicians often ignore Ñour own total health. ~NW, Internal Medicine Light, humorous, and quite to the point with (the) flare of a gifted speaker. ~JI, General Surgeon (Ret.)Dr. Raymond is one of us. (She) presented a well-balanced approach for helping physicians on a daily basis. ~AHC, PathologyGreat topicÉmore docs should hear this. ~PK, Colorectal SurgeonCaregiving for the Caregiver (Combined) Testimonials Florida GI Society/Florida SGNA (follows)The care of the patient by his caregiver is a direct reflection of the treatment of the employee by his employer.I am glad that you made my ears wiggle for the 1st time in a long time.Thank you for reminding us that we must be caregivers for ourselves as well as our patients.I have implemented many of her suggestions for home and work ( I heard her speak for annual SGNA). It is exciting to feel the difference.Fantastic ÒDudacoolÓ Ð a quote from my daughter referring to someone who really shines above all else and a model for anyone. Excellent.You have validated what we as nurses do, and reminded us that we are good caregivers because we care who we are.Enlightening. Thanks for reminding me of what is really important in my life: People.Dr. Raymonds program was very informative and food for thought on caring for yourself, setting your priorities, and reevaluating those priorities. She was delightful. A very good speaker to start your day with.Very dynamic, entertaining, inspiring. Makes you prioritize your own life.Gastroenterologys best kept secret.Truly outstanding. Very refreshing and motivating.Wonderful, uplifting, common sense.This program certainly was tailored to the audience (nurses and physicians). Dynamic speaker. Excellent mix of motivation and seriousness with humor.This program made me stop to think about what I really want to do and how to live.Very well presented Ð a must for all nurses and physicians.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Innate Immune System Involvement in Pain and Addiction
Medical Marijuana: Benefits, Side Effects, and the Law

Fantastic Speaker! We want him back soon. – St. Vincent’s Health

Speaker. Author. Wellness Coach

Physician Burnout: Not Just Surviving – Thriving and Creating Solutions
A New Look at Physician Burnout and Resilience: A Positive Prescription Mindset
Find Your Inner Coach and Finally Lose Weight!
In Celebration: A Recipe for Healthy Living
Healthy, Happy, Hundred – Strategies for Living Well
Super Heroes and Trampolines: Change How You Respond to Stress
More than Positive: Find Power with Purpose
Give Me the Cookie and No One Gets Hurt!


Associate Clinical Professor
Department of Psychiatry and Family and Preventive Medicine

The Resilient Physician
e-Boundaries: What Every Doctor Needs to Know About Social Media and Digital Communication

Chief Quality Officer
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Division of Emergency Medicine

Prescribing of Unnecessary Tests & Treatments: The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation’s Choosing Wisely Campaign

Just Culture

Physician Integration

Respectful Behavior and Healthcare: What’s the Connection_

Detection and Management of Severe Sepsis: The First Six Hours

Medical Errors and Mistakes in Healthcare: The National Patient Safety Goals

Handoff Solutions that Work

Improving Care for Transgender Patients

Preventing Catheter-Associated UTI Infections

New Sepsis Guidelines

Preventing Central Line Infections

Managing Interruption and Distractions in Healthcare

Physician Communication

Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Surgery: Meeting SCIP Goals

He was wonderful! Our physicians were very engaged in his sepsis lecture. I saw our sepsis team huddled after his lecture, already planning changes.- French Hospital Medical Center and Marian Regional Medical Center He always does an amazing job! – Citrus Valley Medical Center Excellent presentation! – Pomona Valley Hospital Excellent Speaker and we want him back! – John F. Kennedy Hospital Great speaker! – Orange Coast Medical Center He was great! – Providence Tarzana Medical Center Amazing! – Glendale Adventist Medical Center The audience loved him! – Providence Holy Cross Medical Center

Transgender Clinic

Update on Healthcare for the Transgender Patient
Sensitivity in Transgender Medicine
You Dont Have to Feel That Way- How Hormone Replacement Can Help You Feel Great
Medical Care of Transgendered Persons
Transgender Identity
Hormone Balance and Health Wellness

Well received, very good speaker! – Orange County Global Medical Center

President, Agape
Comedy Health and Wellness for Women

Making Cancer Funny
Just for Women
Women and Wellness
Visits to the OB GYN: Sounds Like a Character from Star Wars!
How to Talk to Your Doctor
Early Detection: “One Lump or Two is Not Just about SugarÓ
Menopausal Women Gone Wild
Smoking: A Way to Stop- What Can Work for You?
Prescription Drug Costs
Pain Management
Money and Stress: “Goodness, Gracious, Im Overdrawn!”
The Power of a Happy Heart!
Cancer Survivor, The Healing Power of Laughter
Bedside Manor- Check-In for a Spa-Hour of Inspirational Comedy for Nursing Professionals
How to Use Your Common Comedy Sense of Humor in the Workplace
Female and Fabulous!