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Physician, Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager
Innovative Healthcare Compliance Group


Risk & Safety Considerations for the Obese Patient
Prevention of Medical Errors
Physician Burnout and Medical Errors
7 Strategies to Reduce Hospital Readmissions
Handoffs, Transitions, and Discharges: Key Moments in Patient Care
Never Events Happen: Protect Your Patients and Practice
11 Strategies to Reduce Medication Errors
Simple Communication Strategies to Improve Patient Safety
Essentials of Patient Safety
Communication Strategies for Office Practice
Creating a Patient Safety Culture in Healthcare
Medical Ethics for Daily Practice
Sentinel Events, Critical Alerts, and National Safety Goals
Patient Safety Leadership: Now and Beyond
Jabberwocky: The Reality in Today’s Healthcare Communication
Reducing Liability, Improving Quality, and Decreasing Healthcare Costs
Tie Your Shoes Before You Trip! – Effective Communication Tips for the Prevention of Medical Errors
Stop the Revolving Door! – 5 Strategies to Reduce Hospital Readmissions
Achieving Healthcare Reform’s Triple Aim – Better Health! Better Care Experience! Lower Costs!
Creating a Healthcare Culture Shock! – Optimal Patient Safety Requires a Culture of Patient Safety

Dr. Mackles practiced hospital based neonatal medicine in Florida for over twenty two years after completing a Pediatric Residency at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, and a Fellowship in Neonatology at The Cornell University Medical Center. In addition to receiving an MBA from Nova Southeastern University Dr. Mackles obtained his license as a Healthcare Risk Manager through studies at the University of South Florida. Dr. Mackles was elected to the Board of Directors of The Florida Society for Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety for a two year term from 2006-2008, and again for a one year term from 2014-2015. Dr. Mackles has served as an instructor with the University of Florida Distance Education Risk Management and Patient Safety Program, and also participated as a faculty member of the University of South Florida Risk Management Licensure Program. In addition, Dr. Mackles is the author of multiple on-line continuing education courses on patient safety topics for The Sullivan Group. Dr. Mackles now devotes full time to risk management and patient safety issues.

President, Psychologically Speaking


All Stressed Up…and Nowhere to Go
Three Proven Secrets for Building Resilience & Thriving During Any Crisis
Amazingly Simple Steps for Developing the Mindset of a CHAMPION
Winning the INNER GAME of Consistent Success
Actionable Skills to Quickly Develop the Mindset of a CHAMPION Medical Practitioner
All Stressed Up, But Somewhere to Go
Powerful, Proactive Prescriptions to Prevent Hardening of the ATTITUDES in the Busy Medical Workplace
Remarkable Resiliency Skills for Changing Times
RX for Stress Survival in the Medical Profession
Mastering the Three KEY HABITS of Emotionally Resilient Healthcare Professionals

“A great way to start the day!!” Tracy Chidsey, Yale Sch.of Nursing “A dynamic speaker presenting refreshing content in an honest style!! Maria Padilla, Aurora Med “I’m taking so much valuable information with me back to my program to help my resident physicians.” Liz Hernandez, Kem Medical “This was absolutely excellent!! Very useful information. Would’ve loved an all day workshop.” Brandie Miracle, Univ. of Tenn. Med. Center “Eye-opening presentation from a very engaging speaker!” Jenna LaVoie, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med “One of the most effective and best workshops I have ever attended!! Sienna Wheeler, Cal. NorthState Univ. Coll. Of Pharmacy “I felt like you were speaking directly to me. Very inspiring!!” Kathryn Lake, Ross University School of Vet Med “Dr. Jack was hilarious and it was far from the routine boring sessions I sometimes have to sit through! He kept my attention throughout, which is this day and age is not easy!” Tonya Bennett, UPenn Dental Medicine “Priceless!! Kathleen Meyer, SUNY Upstate Medical University “I found Dr. Singer to be engaging and incredibly helpful. Thank you so much.” Aimee Brough, Indiana Uni. School of Medicine “I loved the humor and the tips he offered in how to stay positive and centered” Susan Carbonneau, Pres. College of Pharmacy “One of the best personal development presentations I ever heard!” Jamin Patel, Temple University “Dr. Jack’s presentation was life changing! Awesome presentation. Thank you!” Chester Lee, Cal. Pacific Medical Center “Jack is amazing! So engaging & relatable. I could listen all day.” Holly Bonfiz, University of Iowa Radiology “WOW! Truly eye opening and deeply insightful information. Thank you.” Carlie Kennedy, Oregon Health & Science University “I left with nuggets of life changing information.” Monique Frazier, Howard University College of Medicine “A great talk and a fantastic way to begin the conference. It was refreshing and a positive way to start the day. Way to Go!” Michele Friesinger, Med. Univ. of S. Carolina “Fabulous! I could sit here much longer to learn and hear more from Dr. Jack.”Tracy Uhlir, Univ. of N.D. School of Medicine “So entertaining and engaging!” Shannon Papazian, Valley Children’s Healthcare

Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Endocrinology
Keck School of Medicine of USC


Physician Burnout: Causes and Prevention
Stress in Health Care Setting: The Burnout Physician
Physician Well-Being: How to Become a “Balanced Physician
Physician Wellness
Interventions to Improve Physician Wellness
Fatigue and Burnout: A Threat to Patient Safety
Chocolate: The Perfect Food, What Should We Know about It
The Benefits of Music Therapy
Health Benefits of Red Wine and Chocolate
Fatigue Among Healthcare Providers and Its Impact on Patient Safety
Stress and Patient Safety: The Impact of Medical Errors
Medical Errors; the Human Factor
Polypharmacy; What Every Physician should Know about the Beers’ Criteria
Narcotic Abuse; the Dangers of Opioid Prescriptions
Medical Errors; Third Leading Cause of Death
Physician Communication and Care Management: Leadership Strategies
Doctor- Nurse Communication
Opioid Endocrinopathies
Reactive Hypoglycemia, Insulin Resistance, and Prediabetes: What Is the Connection?
Diabetic Neuropathy: Most Common Microvascular Disease in Diabetic Population
Hypercalcemia and Hypocalcemia
Diabetic Foot: Number One Reason for Hospitalization of Diabetic Patients
Hypomagnesemia: The Most Neglected Electrolyte Imbalance in Medical Practice
Diabetic Complications: Neuropathy and Gastropathy in Diabetes
Hyperkalemia and Diabetes: A “Deadly Combination”
Pre-Diabetes: An Opportunity to Prevent Diabetes
Insulin Resistance
Metabolic Syndrome
Obesity: A Marker of Insulin Resistance
Hyporenin Hypoaldosteronism : The Risk of Unrecognized Drug Induced Hyperkalemia
Cushing Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment
Hyperaldosteronism: A Common Cause of Hypertension
Hypoglycemia in the Hospital Setting, Causes and Management
Diabetic Foot –the Cost of Amputations and to Prevent it.
The Role of Multidisciplinary Team to Address Diabetic Foot and Prevent Amputations
Endocrinology Update, with Pharmacology


Vaccines: The Intersection of History, Science and Humanity

Unlearning What You Know: Intubating the Suspected COVID19 Patient_

Physician Wellness

COVID:  What To Tell Your Friends and Family

COVID Triage: Safe Practices and Testing Strategies

COVID: The Evolving Spectrum of Patient Presentations

Medical Decision Making: Avoiding Cognitive Errors

Effective Communication and Perfect Phrases for Difficult Situations

COVID: A Potpourri

Unlearning What You Know: Intubating the Suspected COVID19 Patient

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Serious Causes of Common Chief Complaints

Medical Decision Making: Avoiding Cognitive Errors

Effective Communication and Perfect Phrases for Difficult Situations

Perfect Phrases for Difficult Medical Situations

Evaluation and Management of the Difficult Airway

Rescue Practice in the Unexpected Difficult Airway

Emergency Intubation: Best Practices

Endocrine Emergencies

Electrolyte Emergencies

Nevertheless, She Persisted: A Brief History of Women in Medicine

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually Transmitted Diseases:  A Social and Historical Perspective

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndromes

Toxic Alcohols

The Toxidrome-Oriented Physical Exam: A 60 Second Approach to Poisoning

Abdominal Pain in the Elderly

Trauma in the Elderly Patient

Elder Abuse

Emergencies in the Elder Patient

Urologic Emergencies

Oncologic Emergencies

Diagnosing Pulmonary Embolism

Environmental Heat Illness

Sedation in the ED

Physician Wellness

Meditation: Facts, Fiction and How It Can Improve Your Life

Building Resilience: How Little Changes Can Have A Big Impact

Delivering Bad News

Surgical Emergencies in the Bariatric Surgery Patient

In-Flight Emergencies

Fever and Delirium: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Novel Anticoagulants in the Emergency Patient

Excellent presentation- Sharp Grossmont Hospital Great speaker- Annenberg Center Phenomenal! – Orange Coast Medical Center Once again Dr. Birnbaumer was awesome! – —she is truly an amazing speaker and so much fun!  – Orange Coast Memorial Hospital VERY good speaker! I wanted you to know what a wonderful speaker she was! She knew several of the docs here or they had listened to her on the radio and she was extremely engaging along with a great sense of humor. You can tell by her evals how well received her talk was. We will definitely use her again in the future. – Orange Coast Medical Center

Professor of Epidemiology


Updates on the Evolving Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Parasitic Diseases
Foodborne Illnesses
Neglected Tropical Diseases and Neglected Diseases of Poverty
Vaccinations: Herd Immunity and the Consequences of Non-vaccination

It was the probably the largest crowd we have ever had and the speaker was beyond outstanding! Very impressive and timely! – Orange Coast Medical Center She gave a very thorough and interesting lecture yesterday on foodborne illnesses. Thanks for recommending her! We want her back. – Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Gut Feelings: Genes, Microbes, Diet, & Brain
Microbiome: It’s a Small World After All
Prescription for Laughs: Humor in the Workplace
Quest for Immortality & Vitality: Advances in Age Management
Medical WisDumb
Burning Issues in Gastroenterology: GERD & Barrett’s
Laughter (& Chocolate) is the Best Medicine!
To ‘Air’ is Human! Intestinal Gas
Constipation: The Scoop on Poop!
Belief, Knowledge, & Wisdom
Bottoms Up! Colon Cancer Screening & Prevention
Digest of Digestion & Alimentary Disorders
Artsy Fartsy: A Cultural History of Flatulence
Genomics & Epigenetics: Changing Destiny
Business of HealthCare: Dollars & Sense
Medical Advocacy: Matter of Life, Health, & Wealth
Food for Thought: The Psychology & Physiology of Eating & Hunger
Scientific Discovery: Serendipity & Awareness
World of Words: Exploring the Medical Lexicon
Mistakes: Opportunity for Growth
Empathy & Compassion
Cancer & Health Screening
Preventive Health & Precision Medicine
Evidence-Based Medicine: Guidelines & Exceptions
World Full of Wonder
Sense of Wonder: Sight & Sound
Sense of Wonder: Touch, Smell, & Taste
Sense of Wonder: Common Sense & Sense of Humor
Mighty Molecules: Hormones & Metabolites
Magic, Miracles, & Medicine
Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine, & Bioengineering
Colon Hydrotherapy
Probiotics: Fact or Fad
Carbs, Protein, & Fat – Oh My!
HealthCare in America: Trust but Verify
Meditation & Mindfulness
Optimal Health!
Got Guts! How to Prevent and Beat Colorectal Cancer
Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity
Genetically Modified Organisms: Facts & Fantasy
Nutrition & Diet: Food as Medicine!

He was fantastic!  People are still talking about his presentation. We will certainly invite him back again. Guthrie Health Excellent speaker- mixed with clinical humor. Superb presentation, excellent handouts. Very good speaker!

Nutrition and Weight Loss
Obesity, Pre and Post Bariatrics
Malnutrition and Cirrhosis
Fad Diets
Short Gut Syndrome Management
Debunking Common Dietary Myths


Physician Communication and Care Management: Leadership Strategies

Just Culture / Care for the Caregiver

Adverse Events: From Disclosure to Apology

Just Culture

Quality Improvement 101

Patient Experience

Caring for the Caregiver

America’s Cost-Quality Healthcare Crisis

Opioid Safety and Managing Opioid Addiction

Malpractice 101

Adverse Event Management

Medical Negotiation

Second Victim and Just Culture

Communication for Healthcare Settings

Communication about Death and Dying

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution for Healthcare

Teamwork and Communication in Healthcare

Transfusing Wisely: Evidence-Based Blood Management

Evidence-Based Management of Severe Sepsis

Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism

Preventing Hospital-Acquired DVT / PE

Best Practices for VTE Management

Excellent Speaker!

Fasting and Fasting Mimicking: Science behind Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome, Inflammation, and Immune Disorders
Vitamin D: Biology, Controversies, and Evidence-based Clinical Applications
Nutrition and Biology of Aging: Roadmap to Better Lifespan Health
Longevity, Aging and Healthspan
Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020
Diet, Nutrition, and Roadmap to End Aging
Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020
Quest for Youth and Longevity: Foods that Hint of Longer Lives
Classification of Malnutrition in the Adult Hospitalized Patient

This speaker received rave reviews, it was well-attended and well-received. – Providence St. Joseph Medical Center He was Great! – Orange Coast Medical Center This speaker was very knowledgeable and a great speaker. I – Annenberg Center for Health Sciences Wonderful lecture! – Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center He is awesome! – Methodist Hospital of Southern California Excellent speaker! – St Francis Medical Center Excellent, engaging, spirited speaker talking on a very hot topic- Providence Holy Cross Medical Center

Professor of Emergency Medicine


Communication for Physicians – Communication with Medical Staff
Implicit Bias in Medicine
Unconscious Bias in Medicine: Does it Exist?
Reducing Health Disparities for LGBTQ+ Patients
Prescribing of Unnecessary Tests & Treatments: The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation’s Choosing Wisely Campaign
Just Culture
Healthcare Team Communication
Medical Errors and Mistakes in Healthcare
The National Patient Safety Goal
Unconscious Bias in Medicine: Does it Exist?
Improving Care for Transgender Patients
Physician Integration
Respectful Behavior and Healthcare: What’s the Connection
Critical Conversations for Physicians – Communication with Medical Staff
Detection and Management of Severe Sepsis: The First Six Hours
Medical Errors and Mistakes in Healthcare: The National Patient Safety Goals
Handoff Solutions that Work
Improving Care for Transgender Patients
Preventing Catheter-Associated UTI Infections
New Sepsis Guidelines
Preventing Central Line Infections
Managing Interruption and Distractions in Healthcare
Physician Communication
Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Surgical Infections
Surgical Site Infections
Making the Transition to Proactive Health Care – From Proactive to Reactive
Physician Communication: Strategies for Optimizing Outcomes, Improving the Patient Experience and HCAHP Scores

He was a phenomenal speaker. Everyone really enjoyed his presentation. Highly recommend him to other organizations._ – Guthrie Clinic He was outstanding–he really is such a great and energetic speaker. – Orange Coast Memorial He was a great speaker! – St. Vincent Health Excellent Speaker! – Good Samaritan Hospital He was wonderful! Our physicians were very engaged in his sepsis lecture. I saw our sepsis team huddled after his lecture, already planning changes.- French Hospital Medical Center and Marian Regional Medical Center He always does an amazing job! – Citrus Valley Medical Center Excellent presentation! – Pomona Valley Hospital Excellent Speaker and we want him back! – John F. Kennedy Hospital Great speaker! – Orange Coast Medical Center He was great! – Providence Tarzana Medical Center Amazing! – Glendale Adventist Medical Center The audience loved him! – Providence Holy Cross Medical Center