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Professor of Dermatology
The University of Texas Health Science Center

Pediatric Dermatology
Atopic Dermatitis
Fungal Infections of the Skin
Cutaneous Fungal Infections
Insect Repellants
Legislation Limiting Clinical Research in Pediatric Patients


Director, Procedural Dermatology Fellowship
Clinical Professor of Dermatology
SUNY Downstate

Coding and Reimbursement
Electronic Health Records
Practice Management
Herbal Medicine
Plants and Poisons of Sherlock Holmes
Hardware Store Devices in Dermatology
Skin Cancer


Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology
UCSF School of Medicine

Clinical Management of Psoriasis
Dermatologic Emergencies
Diagnosis and Management of Skin Cancer
New Developments in Managing Aging Skin


Assistant Professor of Dermatology
City of Hope National Medical Center

Skin Cancer


Professor of Dermatology,
Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology
Louis C. Skinner, Jr., MD Endowed
Chair of Dermatology
Richard Helfman Professor of Dermatologic Surgery
Vice Chairman, University of Miami Medical Group
Chief, Dermatology Services at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
University of Miami Hospital and Clinics
Director of MOHs, Dermatologic & Laser Surgery
Director of Surgical Training
Department of Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Lasers in Dermatology
Lasers in Skin Cancers
Complications of Dermatologic Surgery
Lasers for Scars and Tattoos
Lasers for Onychomycosis

Professor Davis has performed extensive research in using porcine wound healing and infection models in swine to determine treatment efficacy and assess potential mechanisms of action for various therapeutics. He had worked with a large number of companies in research and development of various products that are on the market today, e.g. DuoDerm dressing, Kerlix A.M.D., Liquid Bandage. Some of his interests include: occlusive therapy, electrical stimulation, antimicrobials, low energy light therapy, and study of bacterial biofilms. For the past several years he has been funded by DARPA, Canadian Defense, US Army, Office of Naval Research and NIH.

Director, Dermatology Residency Program
John E. Olerud Professor of Dermatology Training
Professor of Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine

Life Threatening Skin Lesions: A Primer