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Emergency Medicine


Vaccines: The Intersection of History, Science and Humanity

Unlearning What You Know: Intubating the Suspected COVID19 Patient_

Physician Wellness

COVID:  What To Tell Your Friends and Family

COVID Triage: Safe Practices and Testing Strategies

COVID: The Evolving Spectrum of Patient Presentations

Medical Decision Making: Avoiding Cognitive Errors

Effective Communication and Perfect Phrases for Difficult Situations

COVID: A Potpourri

Unlearning What You Know: Intubating the Suspected COVID19 Patient

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Serious Causes of Common Chief Complaints

Medical Decision Making: Avoiding Cognitive Errors

Effective Communication and Perfect Phrases for Difficult Situations

Perfect Phrases for Difficult Medical Situations

Evaluation and Management of the Difficult Airway

Rescue Practice in the Unexpected Difficult Airway

Emergency Intubation: Best Practices

Endocrine Emergencies

Electrolyte Emergencies

Nevertheless, She Persisted: A Brief History of Women in Medicine

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually Transmitted Diseases:  A Social and Historical Perspective

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndromes

Toxic Alcohols

The Toxidrome-Oriented Physical Exam: A 60 Second Approach to Poisoning

Abdominal Pain in the Elderly

Trauma in the Elderly Patient

Elder Abuse

Emergencies in the Elder Patient

Urologic Emergencies

Oncologic Emergencies

Diagnosing Pulmonary Embolism

Environmental Heat Illness

Sedation in the ED

Physician Wellness

Meditation: Facts, Fiction and How It Can Improve Your Life

Building Resilience: How Little Changes Can Have A Big Impact

Delivering Bad News

Surgical Emergencies in the Bariatric Surgery Patient

In-Flight Emergencies

Fever and Delirium: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Novel Anticoagulants in the Emergency Patient

Excellent presentation- Sharp Grossmont Hospital Great speaker- Annenberg Center Phenomenal! – Orange Coast Medical Center Once again Dr. Birnbaumer was awesome! – —she is truly an amazing speaker and so much fun!  – Orange Coast Memorial Hospital VERY good speaker! I wanted you to know what a wonderful speaker she was! She knew several of the docs here or they had listened to her on the radio and she was extremely engaging along with a great sense of humor. You can tell by her evals how well received her talk was. We will definitely use her again in the future. – Orange Coast Medical Center

Professor of Emergency Medicine


Communication for Physicians – Communication with Medical Staff
Implicit Bias in Medicine
Unconscious Bias in Medicine: Does it Exist?
Reducing Health Disparities for LGBTQ+ Patients
Prescribing of Unnecessary Tests & Treatments: The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation’s Choosing Wisely Campaign
Just Culture
Healthcare Team Communication
Medical Errors and Mistakes in Healthcare
The National Patient Safety Goal
Unconscious Bias in Medicine: Does it Exist?
Improving Care for Transgender Patients
Physician Integration
Respectful Behavior and Healthcare: What’s the Connection
Critical Conversations for Physicians – Communication with Medical Staff
Detection and Management of Severe Sepsis: The First Six Hours
Medical Errors and Mistakes in Healthcare: The National Patient Safety Goals
Handoff Solutions that Work
Improving Care for Transgender Patients
Preventing Catheter-Associated UTI Infections
New Sepsis Guidelines
Preventing Central Line Infections
Managing Interruption and Distractions in Healthcare
Physician Communication
Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Surgical Infections
Surgical Site Infections
Making the Transition to Proactive Health Care – From Proactive to Reactive
Physician Communication: Strategies for Optimizing Outcomes, Improving the Patient Experience and HCAHP Scores

He was a phenomenal speaker. Everyone really enjoyed his presentation. Highly recommend him to other organizations._ – Guthrie Clinic He was outstanding–he really is such a great and energetic speaker. – Orange Coast Memorial He was a great speaker! – St. Vincent Health Excellent Speaker! – Good Samaritan Hospital He was wonderful! Our physicians were very engaged in his sepsis lecture. I saw our sepsis team huddled after his lecture, already planning changes.- French Hospital Medical Center and Marian Regional Medical Center He always does an amazing job! – Citrus Valley Medical Center Excellent presentation! – Pomona Valley Hospital Excellent Speaker and we want him back! – John F. Kennedy Hospital Great speaker! – Orange Coast Medical Center He was great! – Providence Tarzana Medical Center Amazing! – Glendale Adventist Medical Center The audience loved him! – Providence Holy Cross Medical Center