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Healthcare and Medicine – Patients Perspective
Healthcare Leadership, Nursing, Doctors, Physical Therapy, EMS, etc.
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Through the Eyes of the Patient: The Importance of Care, Communication, and Compassion in the Hospital Room

Biography: It was a horrific car crash. On the way home from swim practice in 2004, eighteen-year old Brian Boyles future changed in an instant when a dump truck plowed into his vehicle. He was airlifted to a shock-trauma hospital. He had lost sixty percent of his blood, his heart had moved across his chest, and his organs and pelvis were pulverized. He was placed in a medically-induced coma. When Brian finally emerged from the coma two months later, he had no memory of the accident. He could see and hear, but not move or talk. Unable to communicate to his doctors, nurses, or frantic parents, he heard words like ÒvegetableÓ and Ònursing home.Ó If he lived, doctors predicted he might not be able to walk again, and certainly not swim. Then, miraculously, Brian clawed his way back to the living. First blinking his eyelids, then squeezing a hand, then smiling, he gradually emerged from his locked-in state. The former swimmer and bodybuilder had lost one hundred pounds. In 2007 Brian Boyle staged what many consider to be one of the greatest comebacks in sports history when he crossed the finish line at the Hawaii Ironman just three years after leaving the Intensive Care Unit. In 2008, he competed in the 2008 Foster Grant Ironman70.3 World Championship in Clearwater, Florida and Mens Health magazine named Boyle one of its twenty heroes. In 2009, he published his first book, Iron Heart, and he was presented the spokesperson of the year award from the American Red Cross for his contributions. In 2010, he graduated Cum Laude from St. Marys College of Maryland, ran his first 50 mile ultramarathon, completed his third Ironman in 10:14, and also made his very first blood donation at the hospital that brought him back to life. In 2011, he was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence from the President of the American Red Cross, Gail McGovern. He launched the Red Cross Iron Heart Campaign to help raise blood donation awareness on a national level, and was recognized by the President of the United States of America as a ÒChampion of ChangeÓ at the White House for his Red Cross volunteer work. After graduating from college, Brian pursued a professional career in public speaking with various healthcare organizations and medical associations that involves his efforts as a patient and healthcare advocate. He is currently studying at Johns Hopkins for a Masters of Public Health. His story has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBCs Today Show, ESPN, and several other programs throughout the country that have earned Emmy nominations and awards. His journey of courage and determination has touched the hearts of many and his story and the message it carries has been celebrated around the world.
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Corporate Comedian / Humorist


Learning Your Way through Life
The Impostor
Beating the System
Mr. Hospital Gown

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National Medical Director


End of Life Options
Medical Aid in Dying
Physician Aid in Dying
Death with Dignity
Professionalism/ Medical Ethics
Humor in Medicine

Biography: Dr. David Grube recently retired after practicing family medicine for 35 years. He graduated from the University of Oregon Medical School (now Oregon Health Science University), became a commissioned officer in the United States Public Health System, National Health Service Corps, and practiced family medicine in Philomath, Oregon.Dr. Grube has been a leader in the Oregon Academy of Family Physicians (OAFP) and OAFP Foundation. He was appointed to the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners (now Oregon Medical Board) in 2001, and served seven years (two years as Chair). He was chosen OAFP Family Physician of the Year in 1986 and Oregon Medical Association Doctor Citizen of the Year in 2009. Dr. Grube practiced in Oregon during passage of and subsequently, 18 years of implementation of, the Oregon Death With Dignity Act. He is an expert on how its implementation has improved care for terminally ill people in Oregon.
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President, Psychologically Speaking


Developing and Maintaining the Mindset of a Champion Medical Professional: How to Perform Your Best When It Matters the Most
Powerful, Proactive Prescriptions to Prevent Hardening of the ATTITUDES in the Busy Medical Workplace
The Three Spectacular Secrets for Adding Life to Your Years and Years to Your Life
Remarkable Resiliency Skills for Changing Times in the Medical Professions
RX for Stress Survival in the Medical Profession
Seven Surefire Skills for Success Over Any Stress
Patient Focused Care: Prescriptions for Maximizing Patient Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Outcomes
Developing the Mindset of a Champion for the Medical Education Professional
Remarkable Resiliency Skills During Challenging Times
Mastering the Three Key Habits of Emotionally Resilient Healthcare Professionals

Biography: “A great way to start the day!!” Tracy Chidsey, Yale Sch.of Nursing “A dynamic speaker presenting refreshing content in an honest style!! Maria Padilla, Aurora Med “I’m taking so much valuable information with me back to my program to help my resident physicians.” Liz Hernandez, Kem Medical “This was absolutely excellent!! Very useful information. Would’ve loved an all day workshop.” Brandie Miracle, Univ. of Tenn. Med. Center “Eye-opening presentation from a very engaging speaker!” Jenna LaVoie, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med “One of the most effective and best workshops I have ever attended!! Sienna Wheeler, Cal. NorthState Univ. Coll. Of Pharmacy “I felt like you were speaking directly to me. Very inspiring!!” Kathryn Lake, Ross University School of Vet Med “Dr. Jack was hilarious and it was far from the routine boring sessions I sometimes have to sit through! He kept my attention throughout, which is this day and age is not easy!” Tonya Bennett, UPenn Dental Medicine “Priceless!! Kathleen Meyer, SUNY Upstate Medical University “I found Dr. Singer to be engaging and incredibly helpful. Thank you so much.” Aimee Brough, Indiana Uni. School of Medicine “I loved the humor and the tips he offered in how to stay positive and centered” Susan Carbonneau, Pres. College of Pharmacy “One of the best personal development presentations I ever heard!” Jamin Patel, Temple University “Dr. Jack’s presentation was life changing! Awesome presentation. Thank you!” Chester Lee, Cal. Pacific Medical Center “Jack is amazing! So engaging & relatable. I could listen all day.” Holly Bonfiz, University of Iowa Radiology “WOW! Truly eye opening and deeply insightful information. Thank you.” Carlie Kennedy, Oregon Health & Science University “I left with nuggets of life changing information.” Monique Frazier, Howard University College of Medicine “A great talk and a fantastic way to begin the conference. It was refreshing and a positive way to start the day. Way to Go!” Michele Friesinger, Med. Univ. of S. Carolina “Fabulous! I could sit here much longer to learn and hear more from Dr. Jack.”Tracy Uhlir, Univ. of N.D. School of Medicine “So entertaining and engaging!” Shannon Papazian, Valley Children’s Healthcare
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Your Prescription for Laughs


Laughter is the Best Medicine: A Humorous Look at the Most Noble Profession
Your Prescription for Laughs: Using Humor to Combat Stress in the Workplace
Physician Heal Thyself

Testimonials: Matt Iseman was awesome! Everyone loved him and we had a full house. He is such a sweetheart and soooo funny! Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center
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Director, Communication Skills Doctoring Program
Professor of Medicine
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


Breaking Bad News
The Neuroscience of Anger and the Angry Patient Encounter
How to Talk to Women Patients About Their Sexual Health
Gender Differences in Communication
Difficult Encounters
Nonverbal Communication
Motivational Interviewing

Biography: Dr. Monica Broome is the Director of the new Communication Skills Program for University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Her interest is in the neuroscience of communication specifically physician patient communication. The scope of this program includes the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty development levels.Dr. Broome completed a three year fellowship under the Director of Education Development in the Department of Medical Education, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. During her fellowship she completed programs in the Macy Institute for Health Communication Curriculum Development and is certified as a master trainer of the Institute for Healthcare Communication. Her scholarly work includes presentations and workshops nationally for the Association of American Medical Colleges, Society of General Internal Medicine, and Southern Group on Educational Affairs, and internationally for the European Association for Communication in Health Care, the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare, and the International Association of Law and Mental Health with the focus on communication skills training concerning conflict and bullying. She serves on the American College of Physicians Legislative Action Program for Health Care Reform and participated as a Florida delegate for Leadership Day in Washington DC. She servers on the Editorial Board of Medical Encounter, and Chaired the Committee on Communication and Technology for the 2006 American Academy on Communication in Healthcare Annual Research and Teaching Forum. Dr. Broome co-chaired the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare held in the USA in Miami, October 2009.Dr. Broome, formerly Dr. Harris, is an alumnus of the University Of Miami School Of Medicine. Her specialty is Internal Medicine for which she has received recognition and accolades from colleagues and patients, including a service award from the State of Virginia Department of Disabled American Veterans. She was the Founder and former Medical Director of the Womens Veterans Comprehensive Health Program, in Hampton Virginia. Dr. Broome was selected as one of the representatives from the state of Florida to participate in a National Summit on Womens Veterans Health Issues at the White House which resulted in a position paper for Congress. To continue her interest in promoting womens health, Dr. Broome served on the Institutes for Womens Health Education/Academic Training Subcommittee and currently serves on the Women in Academic Medicine at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine. She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine, a Fellow in the American College of Physicians, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Communication in Healthcare. Dr. Broome was recently appointed to serve for two years on the Introduction to Clinical Diagnosis Test Committee of the National Board of Medical Examiners, and concurrently for the United States Medical Licensing Examination. USMLE is the sole licensing examination for allopathic physicians in the United States. Internationally, she was recently awarded Elsevier Journal Reviewer Recognition Outstanding Reviewer Status for their Journal Patient Education and Counseling. Dr. Broome has been appointed to serve as Deputy National Representative of the European Association on Communication in Healthcare. There are only two representatives for each member country. This nomination and appointment has special significance on a personal level as representatives are nominated by the votes of colleagues. Dr. Broome is the Course Director of the new Bridge Course for the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine. This new program facilitates the integration of incoming medical students from International Medical University Malaysia. Current projects include serving as Educational Director of Candid Conversations, training and e-learning program of the sexual health concerns of women patients; and developing wisdom in medicine by enhancing personal awareness in the aftermath of adverse outcomes. Dr. Broome teaches communication skills updates as faculty of the University at Sea.
Testimonials: Amazing Speaker – Jackson Memorial Hospital
State: FL

Former Assistant Dean for Teaching
Professor Emeritus
Biostatistics and Measurement
The Johns Hopkins University


Humor & Multimedia Teaching to Engage the Net Generation
Using Humor to Create a ÒFunÓ Work Environment
Top 10 Flashpoints in the Evaluation of Teaching
Beyond Student Ratings: 14 Other Strategies to Evaluation Teaching
Top 10 Evidence-Based Best Practices for PowerPoint in the Classroom
Creating a Killer LinkedIn Profile to Find, Be Found, and Network with SEO

Biography: Ronald A. Berk, PhD, retired 6.958 years ago to pursue speaking and writing full-time. He received the Universitys Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award in 1993 and Caroline Pennington Award for Teaching Excellence in 1997 and was inducted as a Fellow in the Oxford Society of Scholars in 1998. Since that date, he has been in the Federal Witness Protection Program living in Maryland under the name Puffy Snoop M & M. He served 30 years of a life term at Johns Hopkins, where he mentored numerous faculty and hundreds of students, all of whom unfortunately are still in prison or on probation. As a professional speaker, Dr. Berk has presented more than 400 keynote addresses and training sessions on humor and multimedia, evaluation of teaching, and PowerPoint techniques at universities and medical education conferences in 42 states and 15 countries, including Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sweden, Taiwan, UK (Scotland), and United Arab Emirates. He has destroyed scores of trees and shrubbery by publishing 14 books: 8 ÒseriousÓ books on measurement and evaluation, 2 on faculty evaluation, and 3 on humor. His latest book is Top 10 Flashpoints in Student Ratings and the Evaluation of Teaching. The quality of all of these books, his more than 165 journal articles/book chapters, 300 blogs, and professional presentations reflect his life-long commitment to mediocrity and his professional motto: ÒGo for the Bronze!Ó (See www.ronberk.com, www.pptdoctor.net, or www.linkedin.com/in/ronberk for further details.)
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