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Humor & Motivation

Director of GI Endoscopy
Professor of Medicine

Celiac Disease
Barretts Esophagus
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Evaluation of Diarrhea
Hemorrhoids and Other Anorectal Disorders
The Magic of Medicine


President, Psychologically Speaking

Developing and Maintaining the Mindset of a Champion Medical Professional: How to Perform Your Best When It Matters the Most
Powerful, Proactive Prescriptions to Prevent Hardening of the ATTITUDES in the Busy Medical Workplace
The Three Spectacular Secrets for Adding Life to Your Years and Years to Your Life
Remarkable Resiliency Skills for Changing Times in the Medical Professions
RX for Stress Survival in the Medical Profession
Seven Surefire Skills for Success Over Any Stress
Patient Focused Care: Prescriptions for Maximizing Patient Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Outcomes
Developing the Mindset of a Champion for the Medical Education Professional
Remarkable Resiliency Skills During Challenging Times
Mastering the Three Key Habits of Emotionally Resilient Healthcare Professionals

“A great way to start the day!!” Tracy Chidsey, Yale Sch.of Nursing “A dynamic speaker presenting refreshing content in an honest style!! Maria Padilla, Aurora Med “I’m taking so much valuable information with me back to my program to help my resident physicians.” Liz Hernandez, Kem Medical “This was absolutely excellent!! Very useful information. Would’ve loved an all day workshop.” Brandie Miracle, Univ. of Tenn. Med. Center “Eye-opening presentation from a very engaging speaker!” Jenna LaVoie, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med “One of the most effective and best workshops I have ever attended!! Sienna Wheeler, Cal. NorthState Univ. Coll. Of Pharmacy “I felt like you were speaking directly to me. Very inspiring!!” Kathryn Lake, Ross University School of Vet Med “Dr. Jack was hilarious and it was far from the routine boring sessions I sometimes have to sit through! He kept my attention throughout, which is this day and age is not easy!” Tonya Bennett, UPenn Dental Medicine “Priceless!! Kathleen Meyer, SUNY Upstate Medical University “I found Dr. Singer to be engaging and incredibly helpful. Thank you so much.” Aimee Brough, Indiana Uni. School of Medicine “I loved the humor and the tips he offered in how to stay positive and centered” Susan Carbonneau, Pres. College of Pharmacy “One of the best personal development presentations I ever heard!” Jamin Patel, Temple University “Dr. Jack’s presentation was life changing! Awesome presentation. Thank you!” Chester Lee, Cal. Pacific Medical Center “Jack is amazing! So engaging & relatable. I could listen all day.” Holly Bonfiz, University of Iowa Radiology “WOW! Truly eye opening and deeply insightful information. Thank you.” Carlie Kennedy, Oregon Health & Science University “I left with nuggets of life changing information.” Monique Frazier, Howard University College of Medicine “A great talk and a fantastic way to begin the conference. It was refreshing and a positive way to start the day. Way to Go!” Michele Friesinger, Med. Univ. of S. Carolina “Fabulous! I could sit here much longer to learn and hear more from Dr. Jack.”Tracy Uhlir, Univ. of N.D. School of Medicine “So entertaining and engaging!” Shannon Papazian, Valley Children’s Healthcare