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Preventive Medicine and Public Health

Chief, Acute Communicable Disease Control Program
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Zika and other Mosquito-Borne Viruses
Ebola Virus Update and Preparedness
West Nile Virus
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Food Poisoning- Food Borne Diseases- Outbreaks
Herpes Zoster
Vectorborne Diseases
Pandemic Influenza
Adult Vaccines
Novel Influenza

Superb, highly nowledgeable speaker. She received one of the highest ratings of all our speakers at 100% All physician learners gave her the highest rating possible which is rare. – Torrance Memorial Medical Center Very good speaker – Providence Tarzana Medical Center

Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health

MRSA and Other Superbugs


Clinical Professor of Medicine
Professor of Public Health

Biological Weapons and Biowarfare
Medical Emergency Preparedness
The Future of Healthcare
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Emerging Infections
Ebola Virus


Chair and Associate Professor, Global Health Department

Global Maternal & Child Health
Global HIV & AIDS
Family Planning & Reproductive Health
HIV/AIDS Update for the PCP


Associate Residency Program Director, Women’s Health
Assistant Professor of Medicine

What to do about Tobacco? An evidence-based approach
A Practical Guide to Screening. When to stop?
How do we talk about breast cancer screening with patients?


Director, Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship
Co-Director, Gambling Studies Program
Professor of Psychiatry

E- Cigarettes
Pathological Gambling: The Hidden Addiction
Pharmacotherapy of Pathological Gambling
Evidenced-based Treatments for Addictive Disorder
Addiction Risks of Prescribed Narcotics
The Use and Abuse of Narcotics

Outstanding, practical speaker! – Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower