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Professor of Surgery

Office / Outpatient Management of Anorectal Problems
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Anorectal Surgery
Management of Anal Incontinence
Management of Rectal Prolapse
Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Bowel Evacuation Problems
Sphincter – Saving Operation – Is the Miles Resection Absolute?
The Miles Resection
The Oral Examination Process – Teaching the Examiners Video
Management of Diverticulitis
Management of Anal Cancer
Management of Ulcerative Colitis
Management of Crohn’s Disease
Colorectal Trauma
Screening of Colorectal Cancer

He was fantastic!. He was very engaging and knowledgeable. Evaluations on him were all excellent. – Palisades Medical Center

Chief, Vascular Surgery
Professor of Vascular Research

Stroke Prevention
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Principles of Wound Care
Limb Salvage
Vascular Surgery for Limb Salvage
Veins, Pains, and Cosmetic Gains

His presentation was extremely well received! – Mercy Hospital

Assistant Professor of Surgery
City of Hope National Medical Center

Breast Surgery


Director of Renal Transplantation
NYU Langone Medical Center
Assistant Professor of Surgery
NYU School of Medicine

Ethics in Transplantation
VCA / Face Transplantation
Long Term Medical Management of Liver Transplant Patients
Kidney Transplantation
Introduction to Clinical Transplantation

Director, Breast Cancer Survivorship Program
City of Hope National Medical Center

Breast Cancer Risk Reduction
Breast Health
Management of Breast Lumps
Update on Clinical and Diagnostic Exams for Breast Cancer Detection
New Surgical Techniques in Breast Cancer Treatment
Overview of Treatment for Breast Cancer
Evaluation of a Lump in the Neck
Thyroid and Intra-Oral Cancer: The Importance of Clinical Examination in Early Diagnosis
Risk- Managed Care of the Cancer Patient
The Beneficial Effects of Exercise During Chemotherapy as Therapy for Cancer Patient Fatigue


Clinical Professor of Surgery
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Advances in the Management of Rectal Cancer
Cancer Vaccines
Pancreatic Cancer
Gastric Cancer Management
Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery
Breast Cancer Survivorship
Evaluation of Breast Lumps in Young Women

Director, Pancreas Transplantation
USC University Hospital
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Keck School of Medicine of USC

Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Pancreatic Cancer
Liver Transplantation
Pancreas Transplantation


Assistant Professor, Division of Thoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery
City of Hope National Medical Center

Lung Cancer
Esophageal Cancer
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Robotic Surgery


Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery
Division of Plastic Surgery
City of Hope National Medical Center

Breast Cancer
Breast Reconstruction

As a surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction, Mark Tan, M.D., is passionate about matching the right reconstructive procedure to each patient, for the best possible results. “There are no bad choices in terms of reconstruction if patients are selected carefully,” he says. A graduate of Northwestern University Medical School, Dr. Tan joined City of Hope in 2006 after serving as a physician in private practice in Illinois and as a clinical specialist at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. “Our goal,” he says, “is to try to get patients to the point in their lives where they are no longer constantly reminded of their breast cancer diagnosis, their body image has been restored and they can get on with their lives.”

Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgical Oncology
Department of Surgery
City of Hope National Medical Center

T-cells and Adoptive Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Cancer

Researcher, instructor and board-certified surgeon Poornima Rao, M.D. is a key member of City of Hope’s team in South Pasadena where she’s served since 2010. After receiving her medical degree at New York Medical College, Dr. Rao spent eight years at the renowned Cleveland Clinic, rising to Chief Resident while simultaneously working as an anatomy instructor at the Clinic’s Lerner College of Medicine. The much-published Dr. Rao has a keen interest in the role of T-cells and adoptive immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer, an area she has studied and written about for more than a decade.