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Population Sciences


Chief, Division of Clinical Cancer Genetics
Professor of Oncology and Population Sciences
City of Hope National Medical Center


Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment: Who Should Be Tested?
Hereditary Cancers: Identification and Assessment of High-Risk Families
Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment in Underserved Populations
Influence of Culture on health behavior in a High-Risk Hispanic Cohort
If We Build It…Will They Come? – Establishing a Cancer Genetics Services Clinic for an Underserved Predominantly Latina Cohort
Power of Partnership: Extending Comprehensive Cancer Center Expertise in Clinical Cancer Genetics to Community Breast Care Centers
Challenges in Genetic Testing Interpretation

Biography: Jeffrey Weitzel, M.D. is Chief of the Division of Clinical Cancer Genetics at City of Hope. Dr. Weitzels multidisciplinary clinical and research program emphasizes the recognition and assessment of people at increased risk for developing cancer because of family cancer history or personal risk factors.
Testimonials: The presentation was excellent and he is really great about presenting in a way that is totally understandable and is evidence based. – Las Palmas Medical Center
State: CA